Why Should You Buy Over the Counter Penicillin?

Penicillin is an antibiotic drug that was first discovered by Alexander Fleming during the early 1900s.  It was the first antibiotic known to man and thus the reason why Alexander Fleming became the father of antibiotics.  Prior to the discovery of penicillin, the treatment of bacterial infections proved impossible, as they had no real way of treating any disease or infection caused by bacteria.  However, thanks to the discovery of penicillin, they finally had a way of fighting bacterial diseases and infections.  These days, there are different types of antibiotics.  Nevertheless, penicillin is still used by some as a means of treating bacterial infections.

Buying over the counter penicillin is quite easy as this drug is not really being restricted by the authorities.  This is the reason why it is better to buy over the counter penicillin than any other antibiotic because you can easily acquire this particular antibiotic drug without any difficulty.  The main reason why they are not restricting over the counter penicillin purchases is that the drug is safe and does not interact with any drug. Of course, if you develop a bacterial infection, it is always best to consult your issue with a medical professional so that you can be diagnosed and be given necessary instructions on how to treat your infection.

Although penicillin is regarded as the first antibiotic drug ever used by man, it does not mean it has used up its worth or that its worth has faded.  In fact, penicillin is still very much effective as an antibiotic these days which is why the availability of over the counter penicillin remains the same.  If you develop any mild bacterial infections, buying over the counter penicillin may help you remedy your infection issue, provided that you are not allergic to the drug.

As with all medicines, there are some people who show certain hypersensitivity to penicillin.  If you do not know if you are allergic to penicillin, it is suggested that you do not take the drug unless you have already taken it several times before.  Allergies to drugs like penicillin may cause a serious reaction for your body, which is why it is recommended to never take any drug unless you have already taken some allergic reaction tests over it.  This may be the only issue with penicillin. People are not allergic to penicillin, in most cases though.

If you are treating a bacterial infection using over the counter penicillin, keep in mind that you need to undergo a course treatment of antibiotic in order to fully purge an infection you are trying to treat.  This means you will be required to take penicillin for several days taken several times per day in order to fully purge the infection that you have.  This is the reason why it is always important to visit a doctor so you know the most optimal days of treatment you need for your treatment.  Of course, when given instruction, make sure to follow it by heart so you can be rid of your infection at the soonest possible time.