Use Finasteride 5mg for BPH and/or Male Pattern Baldness

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a male medical condition wherein he has abnormal growth of his prostate.  Male pattern baldness on the other hand is a condition wherein a man tends to lose hair up to the point that he becomes bald.  Both benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and male pattern baldness are male conditions.  Apparently, both these conditions can be treated using just one treatment drug – finasteride 5mg.  Finasteride 5mg was conceived by the scientists of Merck, a pharmaceutical giant, wherein they created finasteride 5mg for the purpose of treating BPH.

Finasteride 5mg is very effective in treating BPH.  During its clinical testing stages, a lot of men had the desired treatment they need through the use of finasteride 5mg.  The tests included men who are in their middle ages with some also suffering from male pattern baldness.  As it turns out, finasteride 5mg is able to treat not just BPH, but it was also able to treat those with hair loss issues.  The effect of finasteride 5mg on male pattern baldness was not immediate as it required continuous use of finasteride 5mg for it to take effect.  Slowly, those who suffered from hair loss started reporting the side effect that their hair fall issues seemed to have slowed or died down.

The side effect of finasteride 5mg was taken notice by the scientists of Merck as what they have in their hands may be the Holy Grail to true male pattern baldness treatment.  There has never been a real hair loss treatment for those with the genetic trait of male pattern baldness and finasteride 5mg may just be the cure.  Research and testing were made by Merck over this side effect and it turns out, finasteride 5mg really has the capacity to treat male pattern baldness.  This was a great discovery and soon enough, the drug got its approval from the FDA.  The hair loss treatment medication was revolutionary as there has never been any treatment like it before.  The discovery has made a lot of men with the genetic trait of androgenic alopecia rejoice.

Merck discovered that finasteride 5mg, the 5mg dosage was ideal for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia.  However, for hair fall issues, the finasteride 5mg dosage was too much and that the ideal dosage for treating male pattern baldness was 1mg.  Finasteride 5mg for BPH and finasteride 1mg for male pattern baldness were the dosage difference established by Merck for the treatment of each particular male condition.

The dosage difference works out fine but when you attempt to make your computation, finasteride 1mg is more expensive than finasteride 5mg when you sum it all up.  Some finasteride 1mg users have wised up and simply buy finasteride 5mg in the treatment of their hair loss issue.  They buy finasteride 5mg and use a pill cutter to divide the 5mg dose into four equal pieces.  This leaves them with four 1.25mg pill of finasteride.  They simply take the cut pill and use it for treating their baldness issue.  This works out pretty well provided you have a pill cutter.