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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the worst conditions a man could ever develop as this male sexual disorder essentially prevents a man from doing, taking part, and enjoying the thing that he loves doing – sex!  This is not surprising as even though no man would readily admit this to anyone they hardly know, in truth though this is a fact of life – an unwritten fact on the mindset and disposition of man towards activities that involves sex.  The truth about man is that ‘men are simple’ and to be deprived of something they actually take pleasure in doing by a sexual physical condition will literally result in their misery.

The thing about having erectile dysfunction or male impotence is that it not only brings despair and misery to the man that has developed the erectile impairment, but it is also an embarrassment for him as the one true thing that makes him a man – his manhood – is no longer in proper working condition.  Basically, erectile dysfunction is the inability to produce penile erection that is necessary for sexual intercourse.  However, aside from the total and complete inability to produce an erection, there are two other types of erectile dysfunction – having capacity to produce an erection but unable to sustain it throughout the sexual intercourse, and having the capacity to produce an erection but cannot physically make it hard enough that will permit vaginal penetration.

The issue of erectile dysfunction is not a new one as this male erectile impairment has been around since the start of civilization.  Many have tried to find cure for this sexual condition but all have failed.  In their determination, some men simply invented devices and contraptions that can help them simulate a penile erection.  The miracle treatment for erectile dysfunction Continue reading