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The Life-Saving Effects of IV Lasix

IV Lasix (generic name is furosemide in case you want to know) is classified as an o-amino-benzoic acid (anthranilic acid) derivative that is generally used in the medical setting as a very strong diuretic.  A diuretic refers to a substance that induces the production of urine by the kidneys, thereby making your body get rid of the excess water and unneeded salt through when you urinate.

The life-saving effects of IV Lasix is rather simple – it helps you get rid of excessive fluid buildup (medical term for this is edema) which is likely caused by the following conditions: renal failure, liver failure, nephritic syndrome, and congestive heart failure.  IV Lasix can also be a good medicine to use alongside antihypertensive medicines in order to control a patient’s high blood pressure (hypertension) condition.

Many people attest to the life-saving effects of IV Lasix. Without its help, their bodies may possibly fail to function well. Patients who have resistant hypertension, edema, acute pulmonary edema, hypermagnesemia or hyperkalemia in advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) patients and those with increased intracranial pressure are potential candidates of IV Lasix treatment.

The dose included in the IV Lasix treatment is determined by your own doctor.  The dose of IV Lasix also varies in terms of how fast and how much fluid has to be taken out.  If you are someone who has a poor or abnormal renal function, then you may require a higher dose of IV Lasix treatment.  As for children needing IV Lasix, the dose is Continue reading